MSN BackUp V1.3.4
(22 March 2009)

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Software for the backup and installation of Moods, Winks, Emoticons, Backgrounds and User Tiles from Microsoft MSN Messenger 7, 7.5 Live 8.0, 8.1, 8.5 and now 2009. With MSN Backup you can see the image preview and the flash preview for the Winks.

You can install MSN Backup executing the exe file that you download from here.

This software, instead of many other that you can find for Moods installation, don't put in your computer spyware, trojan or other stealth programs.

Attention: From WLM 8.1 you need to write your Passport Unique ID in MsnBackUp. You can find it on the Passport Management at this link:

Freeware Version
You can download the source code of old V1.2.1 here

22/04/2009 V1.3.4
- Add support for WLM 2009

02/12/2007 V1.3.3
- Add support for WLM 8.5
- Add support for unicode winks

- Save content with the same name in different files
- Fix some bugs

15/01/2007 V1.3.2
- Add a progress-bar on copy of files

- Add flash preview for Moods
- Fix some bugs

01/01/2007 V1.3.1
- Fix bug of Passport Unique ID with characters

- Add delete contents function (only for WLM 8.1)

31/12/2006 V1.3.0
- Now it works with WLM 8.1 Beta (last build)
- Fix german language bug

22/10/2006 V1.2.1
- Add hungarian version thanks to Szabó Péter.

21/10/2006 V1.2.0
- Fix emoticons backup bug when the name has special chars
- Better French translation thanks to Squall8fr

06/10/2006 V1.1.9
- Add german version thanks to Volkan Elveren.

05/10/2006 V1.1.8
- Fix an array error on startup thanks to MaxLuke Skywalker
- Fix emoticons backup bug

- Add French and Brasilian version thanks to Guillaume and Thiago Goulart.

18/07/2005 V1.1.7
- Fix bug of system crash "ntdll.dll"

09/06/2005 V1.1.6
- Fix setup problem "crypt.dll"

29/05/2005 V1.1.5
- Fix backup bug

29/05/2005 V1.1.4
- Add Spanish language
- Add a combo for more e-mail address
- Fix some bug

28/05/2005 V1.1.3
- Easier setup wizard thanks to NSIS installer.

24/05/2005 V1.1.2
- Italian and English Version

22/05/2005 V1.1.1
- Add installation and preview functions for Moods, Emoticons, BackGrounds and User Tiles
- Capability to select/unselect an object group (Winks, Moods, etc.) with one click for installation or backup
- Fixed installation bug on Windows 2003

12/05/2005 V1.0
- First version with back, installation and flash preview functions for Winks.

MSN Backup

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